NFT Price

The current price that an NFT is trading for on the market. Every publicly-traded GameFi project or collection, when its NFTs are issued, is given a price – an assignment of their value that ideally reflects the value of the GameFi/ collection itself. The price of an NFT will go up and down in relation to a number of different factors, including changes within the market as a whole, changes within the law of supply and demand, and mention of the project’s name.

Top Rarity NFTs rank

NFT rarity measures how rare an NFT is relative to the rest of the collection. Generally driven by the laws of supply and demand, rarity and market value go hand-in-hand.

An NFT rarity rank is a metric that quantifies the uniqueness of a non-fungible token's (NFT's) traits as compared to other NFTs within the same GameFi.

The tool weights the proportion of NFTs with a specific trait in a collection relative to the total number of NFTs in the collection.

An NFT's total rarity score, which is used to compare it to the other NFTs in the collection, is calculated by adding the rarity values for all of its features.

Sentry offers a built-in rarity score based on the uniqueness of an NFT’s rarest individual trait while also weighting the combined rarity of the full NFT — a holistic approach that avoids over or underweighting the final metric.

Top Diamond Hands

Diamond hand means holding on to an investment asset despite volatility and risks. Rather than running for a haven when an NFT/ Token is taking a beating or appears to sustain serious damage, a user with diamond hands battens down the proverbial hatches, trims the main and holds course.

Since the GameFi token is a highly volatile asset, traders in this community have plenty of chances to talk about holding on through the highs and the lows.

For many traders, tokens/NFTs reflect a personal and emotional investment. Therefore, having diamond hands demonstrates an overall investment in the GameFi asset's future.

Diamond hand metric by Sentry should be considered as a piece of advice to discuss issues such as "when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em" and how to build a strategy that reflects user's risk tolerance, timeline, and goals.

Profit Leaderboard

Top addresses ranking by accumulated profit. Sentry only ranks addresses that generated at least 1 activity over the past 6 months based on DEX transactions.

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