$PTEA holders have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a first-come, first-served mechanism, allowing you to swap your $p-TEA for $TEA tokens at favorable rates. This campaign offers a fair and rewarding process for $p-TEA holders, incentivizing their continued support and participation in TeaDAO’s ecosystem.

The swap rates are as follows:

  • For the first 50,000 $p-TEA: 1 $p-TEA + $1 = 1 TEA

  • For the next 100,000 $p-TEA: 1 $p-TEA + $2 = 1 TEA

  • For the remaining $p-TEA: 1 $p-TEA + $2.5 = 1 TEA

This mechanism ensures that early supporters and p-TEA holders have the opportunity to swap their tokens for $TEA at favorable rates, further strengthening the community and aligning incentives for continued growth and participation.

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