TeaDAO is the 1st Decentralized Metaverse Reserve Currency for GameFi, offering instant liquidity for NFTs through the NFT-as-Bonding-Assets mechanism.
Every GameFi project must incentivize and reward gamers; the only difference is how they do so. And, as of now, in GameFi 1.0, the old approach of rewarding in-game currency with an unlimited supply clearly harms both gamers and GameFi projects when dealing with token inflation. Furthermore, the most recent approach of rewarding gamers with NFTs raises the issue of NFT illiquidity. This creates high barriers to entry for new players and low motivation for current players to stick with the game in the long run.
TeaDAO proudly introduces the first-ever NFTs-as-a-Bonding-Asset (NaaBA) mechanism that allows GameFi to grow the ecosystem user base while scaling revenue accrual through more sustainable price-controlled NFT liquidity. GameFi no longer needs to follow the BTC/ETH narrative when it becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem.
TeaDAO allows GameFi projects to create an NFT Liquidity Pool by providing liquidity (stablecoins) into the TeaDAO treasury. These stables are used to mint TEA. Their users then are able to sell NFTs into the pool and receive TEA (which is backed by stables that the GameFi projects have poured into the treasury) in return. Once NFTs are sold into the pool, NFTs are under GameFi projects' control.

How does NaaBA create a Win, Win, Win for Everyone?

For GameFi projects:
  • Once the NFTs are sold into the pool, the projects now have full control over the NFTs. They can burn NFTs if they think that there are too many NFTs in their ecosystem, increasing their value.
  • If they think there is a lack of NFTs in their ecosystem, they will recycle the NFTs in the pool by re-introducing/ reselling the NFTs to their ecosystem at a reasonable price. New gamers could now more easily afford an NFT.
By using this service, GameFi projects will somehow be able to control the price of NFT. And by doing so, they will be able to lower the barrier for new players, increase their user base.
For Current Gamers: The NFT Bonding pool will allow them to cash out their NFTs faster. Gamers now unlock a stable income by selling NFTs to earn a scalable reserve currency.
For New Gamers: They will immediately benefit from the NFT price drop and be able to enter the game sooner, leading to increased cash flow. Everyone wins.
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