Increasing the win-win for both community and protocol, TeaDAO enables other protocols to control their own liquidity and grow multiple revenue streams.

How does it work?

  • TeaDAO provides Bonds-as-a-Service for DeFi Protocols to accumulate liquidity to secure longevity and price stability for everyone involved.
  • TeaDAO provides NFTs-as-Bonding-assets for GameFi Protocols. Gamers exchange GameFi NFTs to mint TEA

How does everyone benefit from TeaDAO?

  • DeFi Protocol: Grow the liquidity floor and unlock new revenue streams by capturing liquidity fees.
  • GameFi Protocols: Solve the issues of NFTs liquidity and help to lower the barrier for new players to enter
  • Community: Buy discounted tokens and restrict impermanent loss.
  • Game Players: Increase income by selling NFTs to receive a scalable reserve currency that grows in value over time.
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How does it work?
How does everyone benefit from TeaDAO?